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Gawad Kalinga

Identity Re-design

Gawad Kalinga is a community development foundation in the Philippines that aims to restore dignity to the poor. The organisation believes in showcasing the spirit of local farmers and social entrepreneurs in order to both empower and educate. One of its platforms is the GK Enchanted Farm, that functions also as a village and educational establishment.

GK Enchanted Farm’s target market is both local and international–the latter inclusive of student volunteers and educational or charitable organisations.

This speculative identity redesign focused on developing the visual tie between the Enchanted Farm platform to the Gawad Kalinga organisation, as well as working out how the system could be applied and carried through within the GK Enchanted Farm’s design needs such as business cards, letterheads, onsite banners, packaging for the entrepreneur businesses it supports, as well as an online presence.

A motion video was also created with the purpose of being shared online through social media platforms. The animation features a positive story told by Thomas Graham, a foreigner who recounts his first-hand thoughts and humbling takeaways from his stay with a Gawad Kalinga community on a particular Christmas night, shortly after a typhoon.

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