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Home & Away

Travel Documentation

During a university study tour to Japan and Korea, I explored different ways of visually documenting and processing my experiences in two countries with impressively rich history and visual cultures. 

Home & Away is a project that consists of: 

  1. A foldable zine poster
    This A6 booklet zine can be unfolded into an A3 poster.
    One side serves as a pre-trip research diary, used much like a "to-do & to-go" list, while the other side was left empty, gradually filled with personal photography and material responses corresponding with the prior list.  

  2. An interactive website
    Postcards, created from found visual material, were designed daily during the trip to keep a record of day-to-day impressions and learning. The website is a digital archive of the postcards as well as other relevant supporting images, videos and items.

Poster Zine_Photos.jpg
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