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Carla Mosqueda_Invisible Disability Campaign

Not All Disabilities are Visible


In Australia, nearly 90% of disabilities are unseen. The established International Symbol of Access (ISA) cannot be relied upon solely to represent the community of those with invisible disabilities. This research project looks into the visual representation of invisible disabilities in the public, and makes a speculative proposal to complement the existing International Symbol of Access through:

1. Youth Education

A Student Activity Book as part of an educational toolkit to aid teachers in school to encourage empathy and allow students to be more comfortable in approaching conversations surrounding
unfamiliar and currently stigmatised topics like accessibility.

2. Signage Campaign

Current signage using the ISA symbol has its strengths in its recognisability and ubiquity. Complementary signage was designed to support the pre-existing signs, aiming to educate and inform, without assigning blame.

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